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Visual Service

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Whether experienced in an instant or enjoyed over time, design can make or break market perception. Our graphic design team produces visually appealing designs for use in both print and digital applications, providing businesses with high-impact design for both printed and digital applications.

Graphic Design

Good design makes an impression in an instant. We produce high-impact, visually appealing designs for both print and digital applications.

Illustration: Our team includes skilled illustrators and artists with the chops to provide you with custom illustration and artwork for your projects.

Publication creation: Flyers, brochures, postcards… we do it all.

Large scale print production: Sometimes an 8.5 x 11 flyer won’t cut it. Our team is skilled in designing and executing large-scale projects, such as banners and posters, from start to finish.

Information graphics: Our team can take your stats, facts, and figures and create easy to digest, visually appealing information graphics, designed to deliver your message in a fresh way.

Business cards: Often your first opportunity to make a strong impression, business cards are on the front line when it comes to communicating your brand’s image. Our team can easily translate your brand and style to your business card so all of your marketing collateral aligns and reinforces your image.


Creating a strong logo is critical — but so is building an established, unified brand identity that showcases the heart of your business. EO approaches the overall branding process as the creation of a voice and identity that will cascade across every aspect of your business or agency. Branding that hits the right note speaks not only to who you are, but to who you want to become.

Logo Design: Your logo tells people who you are and what you’re about. We’ll work with you to make sure your logo is telling the right story.

Style guide creation: Developing and implementing a brand style guide is essential in keeping your imagery consistent, and we’ll help you get there.

Publication templates: We know your publication needs change on a weekly, if not daily, basis, so we want to give you the equip you with the tools and templates you need to keep up.

Business card creation: Your business card says a lot about you and your organization. Our designers are experts in creating business cards that send the right message.

Gilson snowboards website screen shot

Gilson Snowboards

Working with the in-house development team at Gilson, Echo Origin designed a more modern, attractive and usable site.

Video & Multimedia

Today’s users are under information overload, and it is getting more difficult to capture people’s attention. Rather than choosing stagnant content options, consider using multimedia to promote your product or tell a story about your business or agency in a fresh, dynamic way. Video brings a new dimension of interactivity to your website or mobile application and can serve as a crucial tool in corporate communications … or as the perfect medium to communicate federal initiatives to the country.

In today’s era of information overload, we’ll help you tell your story in fresh, dynamic ways. Our videos and multimedia elements come together with stellar footage and polished editing, adding interactivity to your website or mobile application.

Professional video capture/filming: We have both the expertise and the equipment to capture professional-quality video footage including 4K cameras and drones.

Audio recording: Our team is experienced in capturing audio for use in all types of multimedia projects.

Green screen environments: If you to film on a tropical backdrop, but don’t have the budget to travel to Hawaii, EO can set up a custom green screen recording session.

Teleprompter: Our video setup can include the use of a teleprompter, designed to maintain the flow of audio (and save you from script memorization!).

Professional voice talent recording: Know what you need to say, but don’t have quite the right voice to say it? We work with a network of professional voice talent to deliver impactful audio.

Custom animation: If live-action video isn’t quite your style, our artists and illustrators are ready to work with you to create custom animations.

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