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Visual Services

Graphic Design | Branding | Video & Multimedia

Good design makes an impression in an instant, informing market perception of the brand as a whole. Consistency between printed and digital applications is key in reinforcing this perception for a current and prospective user base.

Graphic Design

Your imagery will be the first thing your users’ eyes are drawn towards. Having consistent design principles places the user within the middle of the visual story you want to tell. Echo Origin offers high-impact, visually appealing designs for both print and digital media. Our team includes skilled illustrators and artists that provide custom illustrations and artwork for your projects. We are skilled in publication creation, large scale print production, and informative graphics, all of which create easily digestible and visually appealing designs that coincide with your message.

Visual Services


In order to differentiate your organization from others in your service area, you need a consistent visual representation and narrative tone to showcase what you offer that makes you distinct. Echo Origin’s design team works with your organization to create a unified, eye-catching aesthetic that strengthens your user-base’s attachment of design with your brand. Through palette, iconography, logo design, and a strong narrative voice, our designers work alongside you to bolster your organization’s identity, or construct one from the ground up, using your key principles to execute your vision.

Video and Multimedia

In today’s era of information overload, we’ll help you tell your story in fresh dynamic ways. Using video and multimedia tools, EO can bring your business or agency a new dimension of interactivity to your website, mobile application, and overall communications. We offer a variety of methods to get your message across, utilizing professional video capture/filming, audio recording, green screen environments, teleprompter, professional voice talent recording, and custom animation. By using multiple forms of media, you can cast a wider net to capture people’s attention, and encourage users to interact with your brand.

Video Camera

How we made a change.

We were able to tell this client’s story through eye-catching graphics and a strong narrative voice.