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User Interface & User Experience

Usability and good design are not mutually exclusive… and never let anyone tell you otherwise. From responsive web design and content management systems (CMS) to HTML5 and CSS3, EO builds dynamic, media-rich websites and custom applications with style.

Rather than plunging in feet first, we assign an experienced digital strategist to help you evaluate your options and make an informed decision about which approach is best. In some cases, it might be as simple as a web site expansion or re-design, rather than starting from scratch. EO has the necessary expertise to tackle your most technical projects and deliver great-looking results.


These abbreviations can be confusing. In reality, as designers, we’ll often be working across these different specialisms: designing the overall user experience (UX), organizing information logically as we consider information architecture (IA), and considering the granular design of the user interface (UI).

Making Her Story Project website screen shot

Making HerStory Project

This site’s goal was to be visually appealing and informative about women’s issues, while being easy to navigate and providing the opportunity to collect donations for the projects mission.

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