Secure Hosting

Echo Origin offers a variety of security measures when hosting your data on a platform that suits your organization’s individual needs. With a need to routinely reinforce protective measures in today’s technological landscape, Echo Origin is on the front lines keeping your sensitive information safe.

Cloud Packages

As a provider of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud solutions, Echo Origin guarantees high performance with each environment while considering and planning for a sustainable maintenance process. Our Cloud experts have the ability to host your data on any platform you prefer, using best practices to keep your website updated, maintained, and secure through the constantly updating and innovating landscape of cloud hosting.

Full Redundancy

In the event of any disruption in your network architecture, Echo Origin has you covered. We implement fallbacks within your infrastructure to protect your systems from going down, ensuring that even in the worst case scenario, your system functions properly. Our cyber experts have the ability to set up measures for hardware, process, and network redundancy tailored to your hosting needs, working with you to find the package that fits your organization’s mission critical data.

Small Business Plans

Having your data secure isn’t something exclusive to big business or federal programs. Even as a small business, there are cost efficient measures to protect your sensitive data and ensure that your organization’s data is hosted securely. Echo Origin provides Cloud packages for small businesses that work with your organization’s needs, offering specialized options that work within your price range.