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Management Consulting

Stakeholder Alignment | Performance Management | Strategic Communications

In order to have a functional organization everything needs to be in it’s right place. Developing a strategy to improve your processes, run more impactful meetings, and manage project/company-wide change initiatives, will all give you the power to own the solution.

Stakeholder Alignment

An organization must have a clear and compelling vision, one that is easy to understand, relates to the organization’s core purpose, and aligns stakeholders. Echo Origin’s Strategy Development Framework and Strategic Alignment Process help organization’s understand their current condition, gaining clarity and alignment around a future vision, mission, and goals. By defining measures to manage performance that stay aligned and focused throughout implementation, your business goals will be much more easily attainable.

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Performance Management

The right measures and metrics translate priorities into action. EO’s approach focuses on developing relevant measures with aggressive and realistic targets as a starting point for effective performance assessment. The assessment process creates a regular forum in which decision makers use information to distinguish course corrections and priorities. As a result, initiative on all fronts is established to monitor and assess performance, and continuously improve operations.

Strategic Communications

You want to deliver your story effectively and through the right channels. This requires an organization-wide plan so that all aspects of your outreach are consistent, and clearly specify your organization’s goals. Echo Origin works with you to make sure these goals are achieved, helping coordinate your various methods of communication into a unified voice dispersed among all the platforms you would like to utilize. We place your social media, web content, and copy, all in concert with one another, using these mechanisms to reinforce your narrative voice and making sure your current and potential user-base is engaging with your platform in the ways you desire.

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