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Cyber Security

Echo Origin has a wealth of experience defending networks and data from malicious attacks. With a history of protecting electronic systems and networks in both the federal and commercial sectors, we work with you to prevent your organization’s digital resources from becoming compromised.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

A data breach can have a range of devastating consequences for any business. It can unravel a company’s reputation through the loss of consumer and partner trust. The loss of critical data, such as source files or intellectual property, can cost a company its competitive advantage. With high-profile data breaches making media headlines, it’s essential that organizations adopt and implement a strong cybersecurity approach.

Our Approach

Through comparing your current system with contemporary cyber security standards, Echo Origin can work with you to develop a roadmap using your desired outcome, and best practices. Our cyber security experts will then implement these desired systems, working with you every step of the way to help your organization understand how these systems protect your critical data. Once implemented, Echo Origin monitors and maintains your cyber security measures to protect your organizations data long after the system is implemented. A data breach can have devastating consequences for any organization, and Echo Origin works alongside you to ensure that never occurs.

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