The GSA office of Travel, Transportation, and Logistics (TTL)

The GSA office of Travel, Transportation, and Logistics (TTL) are the owners, architects, and managers of a wide variety of critical Government-wide programs and acquisitions for travel and transportation services, transportation audits, non-tactical vehicles, and the GSA Fleet. They provide customers with expertise in vehicle specialization, travel, transportation, and employee relocation services, offering their customers with the best value for the TTL services through leveraged procurements.

Echo Origin was tasked with optimizing efficiency within the management systems of the TTL by creating and implementing project management tools and templates within the 17 Divisions and Branches of TTL. Our work included a Work Breakdown Structure for the organization’s short and long term goals through document and data analysis, subject matter expert interviews, and mapping and resolving gaps within workforce productivity, off of which we built additional tools to support their resourcing and scheduling goals. We optimized their resource allocation, utilizing data from each prior project to prevent excess spending on future endeavors.

Tactics for these optimizations were implemented through supervisors and project managers, who were provided with the tools and templates for workforce communication and future tracking and reporting plans. Through Echo Origin’s management consulting process, GSA TTL was able to implement project management mechanisms that collectively increased their productivity and unified their workforce to accomplish their goals as an organization.