GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy Acquisition Dashboard

The Office of GSA Acquisition Policy, Integrity, and Workforce (MVA) leverages Tableau visualizations to display GSA’s performance on a range of acquisition performance, which allows the Office of GSA Acquisition Policy, Integrity, and Workforce to promote learning and continuous improvement as it relates to the current habits of GSA’s spending behavior.

Echo Origin provides program management support for GSA’s Acquisition Dashboard, which provides GSA with an agency perspective on a range of acquisition-related metrics, including category management, training, competition, and small business utilization. We support the GWCM PMO at GSA with program strategy and facilitation to encourage governmentwide program adoption and prioritize new dashboard development activities. Echo Origin has reorganized the team to improve value to the client by streamlining processes and operational efficiencies, building trusted relationships, and refocusing on project outcomes.