Echo Origin Receives 2019 FAIME Award

by | Mar 9, 2020

Leesburg VA: Today, Echo Origin, a web development and media studio, received the Full Accessibility and Inclusion: Moving Towards Equality (FAIME) award that recognizes businesses and organizations that create an inclusive work environment for people with disabilities. Echo Origin has a focus on creating a culturally diverse and inclusive environment in who we work with when it comes to background and the differently abled.

We work with an individual who in his younger life was in a near death accident causing him to be in a coma for several months, leaving him with the inability to walk, speak, or remember his former life. Moving to America where English would be his second language, this individual was motivated to overcome these barriers and enter the workforce. After years of rehabilitation and perseverance he has found an acuity within the analytical side of the tech world. Through means of visual aids, and digital communication in place of verbal speech, as well as being able to work remotely due to his lack of mobility, this individual has become a valuable member at Echo Origin, offering analytic reports for all of our client’s websites.

Echo Origin LLC is a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) company located in downtown Leesburg. We create valuable communication tools, infusing outstanding design and user experience to improve our client’s ability to share key messages and engage stakeholders.

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