About Echo Origin

Echo Origin’s roots lie in a commitment to delivering high-quality results tailored to each client’s unique goals and objectives. Our team is passionate about implementing proven, repeatable processes to deliver sustainable, scalable products. We are believers in using best practices, but we don’t offer one size fits all solutions. With the ultimate goal of delivering outcomes that exceed your expectations, our team will steer you towards what’s right for you, not what’s easy for us.
Tim Brennan, President

With over 16 years of experience in designing and managing all aspects of commercial and federal communications initiatives, Tim is a proven digital strategist with the skills and the know how to flawlessly execute programs for large and boutique organizations across industries and sectors. Tim’s portfolio includes work on all areas of media and web design, including content management, web development, video, animation, branding, and web design. Tim is also a highly effective project leader, with years of demonstrated success in both project management and team leadership. Tim’s wealth of client references are a testament to his dedication to delivering impactful, problem solving tools designed to fit each client’s unique needs.

Rob McIntyre, Director of Consulting

An accomplished program manager with 15 years of experience supporting a variety of clients in the public and private sector, Rob is known for his ability to engage stakeholders in solving their most challenging problems. Rob is dedicated to identifying problems and obstacles, and working side by side with key stakeholders to develop solutions that work, not just in the now, but for the long term. Whether managing a small strategic engagement or a multi-million dollar program, he understands the need to keep the big picture in mind while managing the day-to-day.

Cobb Ervin, Chief Product Officer

Cobb brings over 16 years of technical experience and expertise, having worked in all facets of technical development during his career, including programming, database administration, web development, systems architecture, and network engineering. Cobb is responsible for ensuring that all of EO’s IT assets and systems function smoothly, working behind the scenes to maintain seamless user experiences for client products. Cobb taps into his wide range of technical knowledge to identify and realize practical, long-term solutions for clients of all sizes.

Lance Smith, Chief Creative Officer

Lance, the creative mastermind behind much of Echo’s design and development work, is a critical thinking, eclectic designer with a passion for staying on top of the latest trends and developments in design, technology, and the web. As Echo Origin’s Chief Creative Officer, Lance works with clients to get a true understanding of their goals and objectives, and to develop logos, branding, and other digital assets that truly tell the client’s story in a visually impactful way. Lance’s experience crosses over in multiple disciplines, including graphic design, web design, and multimedia, allowing him to develop and implement cohesive branding and design initiatives for both commercial and federal organizations.

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