Echo Overview

Echo Origin’s roots lie in a commitment to delivering high-quality results tailored to our clients’ individual goals and objectives. With the ultimate goal of delivering outcomes that resonate long after delivery, we prioritize what’s best for you rather than what is easiest for us.

Who We Are

Echo Origin has an experienced team equipped to play the roles of “advisor” as we elicit requirements and recommend ways to bridge new technologies with existing systems, “architect” as we map the complete structure of an IT solution, “designer and developer” as we create stand-out products based on the needs of our clients, and “manager” as we work to successfully produce quality deliverables within time and budget constraints. Our development activities follow Agile best practices and are built on the principles of User Centered Design and modeled after the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for human-centered design for interactive systems.

Our History

Built on long standing friendships, the four partners of Echo Origin decided to start their own company in 2012 after having worked together at previous organizations. Initially working together in Washington D.C., Echo relocated to historic downtown Leesburg, VA, giving us the opportunity to work with government agencies as a HUBZone, as well as with local small businesses, designing websites, and establishing their brand both locally and online. With a focus on always putting the client first, we are constantly expanding our service offerings and acumen in our subject areas, setting the precedent that our clients’ success is our only goal. Echo Origin’s versatility with the projects we have worked on, and the variety of clients and partners we serve, gives us a unique perspective on how to develop individualized solutions for both federal and commercial clients, staying away from a ‘one size fits all’ model.

Our Partners

Echo Origin partners with government agencies and commercial organizations. We have experience enhancing these agencies’ and organization’s online presence, providing website design, front-end and back-end development, cybersecurity, Drupal integration, and management and media consulting.

Government and Educational Partners

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Judicial Center
Fed Ramp
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Commercial Partners

Heartland Consulting
Blue Rose Consulting
Soar Management Consulting
Zen Strategics
Gilson Snowboards
The Clearing
Collaborate Up
Admiral Security Services
Z Federal