About Us

The Go-To Guy

Tim Brennan, Chief Operating Officer

Tim is a highly effective digital strategist and design consultant with 15 years experience designing, developing, producing, and managing commercial and federal communication initiatives. Tim has served as a director in both large and boutique commercial and federal engagements. With a proven track record of innovation and success, Tim is a known as the guy who gets things done - on time and within budget. Armed with client references in both the government and private sector, Tim’s experience encompasses all areas of media and web design including content management, customized web tools, video, animation, branding, and graphic design.

The Tech Guy

Cobb Ervin, Chief Product Officer

Having spent the last 16 years wearing every technical hat imaginable - as a programmer, database administrator, web developer, systems architect, and network engineer - Cobb provides the technical background and support necessary to ensuring EO’s success. Responsible for aligning EO’s IT vision with the company’s overall business strategy, Cobb ensures that all IT assets and systems continue to function smoothly for the EO team. In addition, Cobb draws on his knowledge and expertise to help clients realize practical, long-term solutions.

The Creative Guy

Lance Smith, Chief Creative Officer

With more than 13 years experience as a designer and developer, Lance offers the creative edge necessary to ensure client success. Having served as lead designer on multiple commercial and federal engagements, Lance brings a rich and varied tool kit to the EO team. Skilled at pinpointing and resolving problems and implementing long-term solutions, Lance’s experience crosses over into multiple disciplines in design and multimedia. Lance is a critical-thinking, eclectic designer who stays current on the latest trends and advancements in design, technology and the web.